The Transformation: 6” Lift Kit on Yamaha Drive

We’ve never featured a lift kit on the blog, so when we got the opportunity to install a 6” lift kit we thought this would be a great opportunity to show it off!


We started off with a basic 2011 Yamaha Drive with a gas engine. It comes stock with those nifty little 8” turf tires, but our customer wanted something a little beefier. They fell in love with the 23X10.5-12 tires, paired up with some great black on chrome rims. In order to do this properly, we needed to install a 6” lift kit. We went with a Rhox 6” drop spindle lift kit. It provides enough lift for the size of tires, and costs a little less than the competition.DSCN1450

We started at the front, because it looked easier than the back! After lifting it up and putting it on jack stands, we removed the 8” DSCN1452wheels, the hubs, and the original spindles. A few bolts, pins, and banged knuckles later, we had the new drop spindles
installed. Once we had the hubs reinstalled, we had to jack the cart up a little higher to get the new wheels on! But what a beautiful sight!

Now for the rear lift!

DSCN1453This wasn’t as easy as the front. We needed to do some fancy jack work, lifting the frame with one jack while holding the differential with another. Once the shocks were detached at the top, a frame was installed that would allow the shocks to be reattached 6” lower. The control arm needed to be removed, and also reattached to a new frame … 6” lower!

The tires didn’t quite fit, due to the shape of the body skirt; so some trimming was required. This was done with the finesse of a Milwaukee 12V lithium Hackzall, and some additional filing and sanding to make it smooth. After the trimming, the tires fit in beautifully!


The almost finished result. Why “almost”? The customer still wants to paint it, put on new seats, chop the roof … the list goes on!

Maybe they will paint it to match their new car!

viper and cart
Thanks Heath and Jamie, for letting us do this!

The new Yamaha Viper Offroad Cart?


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