3 Tips before Purchasing Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf cart lift kit can enhance the appearance as well as the performance of your golf carts. Read on to learn some tips before purchasing golf cart lift kits.


There is a big difference. Before you buy a lift kit for your golf cart be sure to ask where are your lift kits made? Of course the first draw is the cost, but is it worth it? Do you want a lifted suspension under you and your family made of cheaper steel? Are they as strong as U.S. steel welded by U.S. workers? If a part was to break can you get the one part you need without buying another whole lift kit? All of our lift kits are made in the USA with USA steel, welded by USA tax paying workers. We also have replacement parts for your lift if you were to need them without buying another kit. All of our lift kits are direct bolt on with no cutting or welding required. You also get the right kit with everything you need to install without buying extra parts.

Source: http://www.everythingcarts.com/c-38-lift-kits.aspx

Specific Accessories

There are specific accessories that are designed by certain manufacturers for their vehicles. Different vehicle manufacturers have varying sizes for their carts. It is better to install the manufacturer accessories that are made for a particular vehicle. This will prevent any problems that could arise during the operation of the vehicle. Some parts are only designed for certain vehicles and cannot be installed in other carts.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Read-This-Before-You-Buy-a-Golf-Cart-Lift-Kit&id=6846758

Spindle and Drop Axle Lift Kit

A spindle lift kit is different from a drop axle lift kit because it does not replace the current axle.  The spindle kit replaces the front spindles to provide the lift.  With this kit, the cart is widened by 2″ in the front on both sides.  This increases the steering ability of the golf car greatly.  The one downfall to this lift kit is that mud will be flung around a little easier so it is recommended to add a set of Fender Flares to your golf car.

Source: http://www.golfcarcatalog.com/products/EZGO-Jan-01%252dUp-TXT-Golf-Cart-6-inch-Spindle-Lift-Kit.html


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