3 Things You Need to Know About Golf Cart Windshields

Windshields are a great accessory for your golf cart for style, comfort and weather protection. Check out some things that might help you choose a windshield that if perfect for you golf cart.

All Windshields are Not Alike

Folding windshields, in particular, are made with varying materials and assembly techniques.  Here’s a brief explanation to help you as a consumer understand the various windshields available.  One interesting point:  They all look alike!  Your only assurance is to do business with an organization you trust.

Source: http://www.cunninghamgolfcar.com/t-windshields.aspx

Types and Styles

Windshields can be made from acrylic glass, polycarbonate material, or a blend of both. Acrylic material is not as durable and easier to break, but is more scratch resistant. Polycarbonate is a stronger material that is impact resistant and more durable, but less scratch resistant. Lexan windshields are a polycarbonate windshield without an acrylic component.

Source: https://shop.ezgo.com/blog/General/5-Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-Golf-Cart-Windshields.html#.ViO00dIrLcs

Windshield Frame

Some golf cart tops have front support legs and some do not. You cannot attach a windshield if you do not have any front support legs (or posts or struts or whatever you want to call them). Many older golf cart tops do not have front legs at all. They are supported by the rear legs only. This is true on early Harley’s, some Melex’s & E-Z-GO’s, and especially on Yamaha G-1’s. If you don’t have front support legs, don’t order a windshield!!

Source: http://www.golfcarcatalog.com/categories/Accessories-%26-Apparel/Windshields/

If you want to know more about golf cart windshields, please give us a call or drop by!


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