Winter Options for Golf Carts

Some people are going to experience a colder winter than others; some of us might just get a lot of rain. Whether you are using your golf cart in the cold, snow, or rain, there are some options that might interest you.

Enclosures & Covers

Enclosures will help keep you a little drier while you go from hole to hole, taking your golf cart to the club house or pool at your winter campground, or crawling through the mud to your favorite fishing hole or hunting blind. Depending on the type of cart you have, the brand, how many seats, etc. you could have a variety of enclosures to choose from. Generally, enclosures are meant to protect you from the elements while operating your golf cart. They come with doors that zip shut, windshields, and some will enclose the back of the cart, as well, protecting your clubs, fishing gear, or passengers. They are also available in a wide array of colors, including camo!

Covers protect your golf cart when it is not in use. Much like a car cover, they are usually made of softer canvas material that meant to protect without scratching. They can either snap on, or use bungee straps to stay on. Don’t try driving with one on though; you will have troubles seeing!


If you are driving with an enclosure, you might want to consider a heater. You could use a propane heater that is designed to fit into your cup holder, or an electric heater that installs either on the floor or the dash. Be careful with propane though, as the fumes can get trapped inside the enclosure if you have it all closed up. Remember, too, that electric heaters will use up more battery power, giving you a shorter drive time on that charge.

Windshield Wipers

Did you know that you can get a windshield wiper installed on your golf cart? They come in manual and automatic. The manual one has a crank handle that operates the wiper blade. The electric one works just like the wipers on your car. Both do a pretty good job of keeping the windshield clear in our typical Pacific Northwest wetter … er … weather!

Driving in Snow

Can you put chains on your tires? Sure, if you have the right size. Many people will do this if they are using their gold cart for transportation in the snow or ice; or when using a snow plow. A snow plow!? Sure! There are plows available for golf carts that are either fully automatic, with lift, turn and tilt capabilities, or manual types that require the operator to make the adjustments outside of the cart. Some require a winch. Any golf cart with a snow plow should have other parts either upgraded or replaced often, such as front suspension and steering parts, as there is a lot of additional wear and tear using a snow plow. Hopefully, we won’t need one this winter!

Maybe we missed some options. Can you think of others?


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