Crazy Golf Cart Stories

We’ve seen a few funny stories about golf carts in the news lately, as well as some not so funny ones. We have made a list of a few of our favorite funny and crazy golf cart stories. Maybe you have seen some of them before; maybe you haven’t. Enjoy!

Famous pro golfer Bubba Watson and his infamous hovercraft!

Try a new Golf board!

Need some R&R between holes?

Son of Evel breaks a record!


Woman goes on joy ride with her dog

We are seeing more and more golf cart DUIs, especially in Florida, but this one takes the file in the cake award!

A little Star Wars golf cart mischief  

Great Scott!


Trick or Treater Cheater

Kangaroo Chases golf cart!

Me, or the cart!

And we will leave you with a compilation of golf cart shenanigans, courtesy of Boringly and AFV!

Maybe you have a great story of your own, or one that we missed. Feel free to share it with us in the comments, or email us!

Thanks! Have a great week!


Thanks to Videobash, Golf Channel, DoItYourselfRV,, Mashable, Complex, Yahoo News, CBC News, The Big Lead, AutoEvolution, and Boringly for making this post … entertaining J


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