Our Frozen Winter Cart

frozencartWe had a quick visit from a friend that might live along the fjords in Norway … or he might not. The story of him and his friends inspired our most recent project.

We started with a 2009 Yamaha Drive. This cart was originally lowered, and had a lot of upgrades, but it has seen some changes over the last few months. We added a DoubleTake Vortex body kit to it. Terri chose the color pearl … we like it!
IMG_0294The body kit comes pre-cut for head lights and tail lights, so we added a
standard light package. The cart already had the deluxe LED package with signals and brake light, so adding a few wires was easy, effectively doubling the light power!

The cart already looked great with the 12” alloy wheels and low profile tires, so no change was needed there, but it needed seating for four flipseatpeople. Adding a flip seat made sense. We added a DoubleTake Max 5 rear-facing seat that converts into a cargo bed. It also has access to the bagwell, which can be converted into a storage box, or ice bucket! Sweet!

Both the front and rear seat cushions are DoubleTake Extreme matching seats, and we chose white on white, which blends nicely with the pearl colored body.

We wanted the back seats to be fully covered by the roof … winter usually means rain in the Pacific Northwest … so an extended roof was the answer. Again, choosing the matching pearl colored roof made sense. This allows full coverage for the back seat passengers or cargo, and it also makes for a better fitting enclosure, which we will get to later!

Our visitor decided that this would be a lovely opportunity to decorate the cart. He brought some stickers that represent his friends, and we put them on the cart for him … his hands don’t work very well.

IMG_0281We wanted to add a drivable enclosure to the cart, but we wanted something that would match, and flow well with the cart, rather than detract from it. DoubleTake roofs come with a track system that allows installation of their custom colored enclosure panels and valances.

IMG_0283Each panel zips up separately, letting you have each area opened or closed, depending on your use. The valance is more than cosmetic, as it provides an area to roll up and hide each panel. It’s easy to roll up a panel and hide it in the valance, even rolling up the entire enclosure!


Best part is, this enclosure provides full protection for the back seat, and it has a zip-open window if the sun starts to peek out!




We think this is one cool cart!


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