Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you frantically searching for some last minute gifts for your Golf Cart? Here are a few suggestions!

custom golf cart brush guard chromeGet a Brush Guard for your already awesome off-road golf cart. Not only does it push away the branches and debris, it also looks really cool!



custom golf cart side mirrorNeed to see who is eating your dust? Get a mirror! We have side view and rear view available.


custom golf cart dash woodgrain carbon fiberNothing says “I love my golf cart” like a wood grain or carbon fiber dash kit. These mount easily over your existing dash, adding a lot of class, and a little bling to your cart. Matching locking inserts are also available.




custom golf cart led light barFront lights, rear lights, spot lights, emergency lights, colored LED glow lights; we have many lights available. Our favorite kit is our Deluxe LED with front and rear lights, brake and signal lights, a horn, and it all operates from a remote on your steering wheel!

custom golf cart aviator steering wheel

And speaking of steering wheels, check out this custom Aviator II carbon fiber racing wheel! We have it in wood grain, too, to match that dash kit!


custom golf cart rear seatNeed more passenger room? Get a rear seat kit, and tell your passengers to jump on the back! Need more cargo space? Flip the seat down, and it gives you a deck! The seats are available in a multitude of colors, too!


seatbeltWith all those people on board, and your cart decked out for cruising, you need seat belts to keep everyone safe! Standard belts, or retractable available.

custom golf cart enclosureOh, too bad; it’s raining! No problem, with your golf cart all wrapped up in a drivable enclosure, you can drive around and not get wet! If you decide to just park it for the rainy season, then you can just tuck it in with a cover. Nighty night!



We have most of these items in stock! Call us today for pricing availability for your cart.



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