The Secret is Out!

Okay, so we’ve been working on a little something.

A customer came in a few weeks ago, and wanted a cart for his employee, an accountant for the company, that was retiring after 35 years with the company. We thought, Wow! What a great gift! I winked at the owner and said “nudge nudge” and she said, “If you stay with us for 35 years, you can have one too!” Incentive! I like that!

white yamaha drive electric gas golf cart
IMG_0424We started with a basic 2011 Yamaha Gas cart. The cart is going to a recreation property near Whistler, BC, so it needs to have a little off-road capabilities. So, we started talking about a lift kit and tires. This became a 6″ lift kit with our beefiest 23″ treads, mounted on some gorgeous 12″ black and aluminum wheels.

yamaha drive vortex body grey silver golf cartNext, we replaced the stock Yamaha body with a nice shiny silver/grey Vortex body. Added a standard light package, giving the driver the ability to maneuver around the trees at night!
The cart definitely needed a back seat, but not just ANY back seat! The Max5 convertible flip seat with matching Extreme cushions … that’s what it needed! And to provide some cover for all the passenger, an extended roof, in matching silver/grey, of course! Add Extreme matching front cushions, and we are all set to go!

The cart was a surprise, and it was delivered this morning. Hope he likes it!yamaha drive grey silver gas electric golf cart


One thought on “The Secret is Out!

  1. Had a great experience dealing with Doug on this project. When we gave it to our accountant he was almost in tears. Guess that means he liked it. I found out that people drive golf carts in Mexico where they spend some time in the winter and is planning on taking it there as well. Thanks again to Doug and RSC!!! The only problem now as I am going to have to do something to my stock golf cart. LOL

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