3 Common Golf Cart Facts

Golf carts are used for a variety of purposes, from business to personal use. Check out some common golf cart facts that you might want to know.


Despite popular belief, golf carts are not 100% safe, and they can cause many serious injuries. In order to stay safe, do not stand up while the cart is in motion, do not exceed the number of passengers suggested to ride, reduce speed when appropriate and follow traffic regulations. Source:  Golflink


There is no standard design for a golf cart. Many choices must be made before the designer draws the first line. Should the body be made from steel, aluminum, fiber glass, or wood? Should it seat two, four, or six passengers? Is it to have an electric or a gasoline engine? Must the cart have a powerful engine and strong brakes to navigate hills, or a small engine to insure efficient operation? Once the capabilities, materials, and appearance are decided upon, a designer uses an integrated CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system to draw the cart and all its components on the computer screen. Next, the shop makes a prototype cart that will be used to test the new design. If the design proves successful, the production system is set up and the manufacturing process begins. Generally, once a design proves to be a good seller it will not be changed from year to year. There are few style trends in golf cart design: the vehicle is, after all, largely utilitarian. Source:  Encyclopedia

Gas vs. Electric  

Although most people prefer the electric golf cart, gas has certain advantages. Electric golf carts are ideal for playing golf or cruising around near the house, but what if they run out of power when you are not near a place to recharge? When going further away from home, a golf cart with a gas engine is much more logical as you can bring additional gas with you and fill up whenever you want. Source:  Worldofgolf.blogspot

Come and see our selection of electric and gas powered golf carts at:
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