Trading in your golf cart

Trade your Viper for a new Golf Cart!

Trading in your golf cart, like trading in your car, has its advantages, and its disadvantages.It doesn’t have to be painful!

What are the advantages to trading in my golf cart?

There are two advantages that come to mind right away, and they are the most important: Quick, and Easy.

Quick means that you don’t have to deal with the time that it takes to sell your cart privately. It could sell right away, or it could take weeks, which means you will have to update your ads to keep them current, as well as field calls from lookey-loos and tire kickers.

Easy mean that you take the cart to the dealer, and they give you a dollar value off your new cart. You don’t have to advertise it in the local classified ads, or deal with potential buyers either not showing up, or showing up only to offer you half of your asking price.

Sounds great! But what are the disadvantages to trading in my golf cart?

Even a reputable dealer cannot offer you the same price that you would get if you sold it privately. Dealers have to take the time to clean it up, recondition it, maybe upgrade parts, or make minor (or even major) repairs, and advertise it. The dealer also takes the risk that it doesn’t sell right away, or at all, or that something doesn’t go horribly wrong the second you drive the new one off the lot. Things like batteries, controller, and electronics can be hard to judge, and could go any time. That is why a reputable dealer will always include a 30-60 day warranty on their used carts, and some may even offer extended options for additional peace of mind. You can’t do that with your trade-in.

How much is my cart worth?

There is no Kelly’s Blue Book for golf carts. Don’t even check – you’ll end up with spam! The only way to check your cart’s value is to compare it to others in the local market. If you can’t find any, either in paper classifieds or online, then widen your search to include nonlocal sources. Craigslist and Kijiji are excellent source for private sellers, and AutoTrader has a number of dealers selling carts. Just remember that just because a golf cart is advertised for a specific price, it isn’t necessarily the price that it sells for.

How can I make sure I get the best value for my golf cart trade in?

If your cart is in need of a little TLC, give it a little TLC. Clean it up and make it sparkle if you can. While most dealers will overlook a little dirt and grime, they will also see the advantage of not having to spend as much time cleaning and detailing the cart. This will also give you a chance to closely inspect the cart for any other issues that the dealer might see, and decide if you want to fix it or let it go. If it is a minor repair, and costs nothing more than time and a little glue or polish, then do it. If it is a major thing, like a broken cable or battery, then leave it, but expect the dealer to notice it as well, and be prepared for a lower offer.

Trading in your golf cart can make buying a new cart a lot easier. You could drive away in your cart today, and not have to worry about selling the old one; but if you have the time, selling it privately could net you more dollars.


Did you know that Recreation Sport Carts takes golf carts as trade-ins? Sure! Bring your golf cart, electric or gas, newer or older, or even antique, and will assess it and give you our best offer on a new improved cart! But don’t bring your Viper! We only sell golf carts!

Not ready to spend more money on a new cart? Consider giving your cart a facelift! We do that too!



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