Give it a Face Lift!

yamaha golf cart
Nice Sturdy Cart

You’ve got a nice golf cart. Maybe it’s white, with good sturdy tires for the course, but you’ve been looking online, and you’ve seen some really cool looking custom golf carts for sale. You lift kits, light packages, custom bodies, coloured seats, and you think “I need one of those!”. Then you look at the price, and you wonder who or what you could sell to get that much money! Well, your wife and kids are safe, and you don’t have to trade in your ride-on lawn mower. You can give your golf cart a face lift for a lot less!

There are some quick and easy options for upgrading, as well as some bigger options. We’ll go through a few, and you can decide how little, or how much, you want to spend on your golf cart.

Quick and Easy Options:

Windshield – It’s a pretty easy change, and you can go for an inexpensive clear split windshield, a tinted split windshield, or you can upgrade to a windshield with graphics on it, or even a solid windshield. Whichever way you go, it’s usually a matter of a few bolts or clips, and you’re done!

Mirrors – Mirrors add more than visibility; they can also add some sportiness. Dual side-mounted mirrors can make almost any cart look better, and they have the added advantage of being able to see behind you!

Seat Covers – You can change your seats, but sometimes all you really need to do is cover them up. There are a few types of covers readily available, and some that are more custom, depending on your golf cart, and your preferences. You can also get your seat reupholstered with an original-style cover fairly inexpensively.

Dash Kit – These come in different options, the easiest one being an adhesive-style cover than goes over your existing dash, adding compartments and covers, and a look of carbon fiber or wood grain.

Graphics – Sometimes, some decals or flames are all you need to spruce your cart up, but try to not go overboard. And a cart covered in Chiquita Banana stickers does not look cool. Sorry.


Bigger Options:

Coloured Seats – Replacing your existing seats with a custom-coloured seat package is fairly easy on most carts, but could require a few more tools on some. While it is a little more money than a seat cover, you have a wide array of colours and options to choose from.

Wheels and Tires – This is an easy option, but a little more money that hubcaps, but it can be the most effective for the amount you spend. Simply swapping out your plain 8” wheels and turf tires for a set of aluminum alloy and black 12” wheels with low profile tires not only gives your cart a whole new look, you might even get a little more speed out of it! And the heads will turn when people see the shine!

Lift Kit – If you decide to go with larger wheels and tires, and give your golf cart a more off-road look, you will have to add a lift kit … your tires will likely not fit otherwise! We have found that a 3” kit will work with a maximum tire height of 22”; bigger than that works best with a 4” to 6” lift kit, especially with knobby tires. There are a number of manufacturers of lift kits, but our favourite is Rhox, with Jake’s a close second.

Custom Body – You can upgrade your golf cart to look like a truck, a sports car, or a 50’s classic automobile, but if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, you should consider a custom-style body made for your cart. Whether you have a Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha golf cart, we carry a line of aftermarket bodies that are different enough from the original to turn heads, and they come in a crazy array of colours!

Light Package – Head lights, tail lights, signal lights … these are all options that can be added, as well as off-road lights, amber flashers, and even coloured mood lights. Some of our light packages can be mounted on bumpers, while some require cutting holes in the body.

Vinyl Wraps – Some people have their golf carts painted, either basic repaint, or a custom air-brush or sparkly metallic, but what if you want a pattern? Vinyl wraps are readily available, and come is a wide array of colours, style, and patterns. Do want your cart covered in camouflage? Maybe carbon fiber?

Custom Yamaha - Ninja
The Works!

These are just a few of the possible upgrade options available. We have all kinds of parts and accessories to add to your golf cart. And if you still want to buy a new golf cart, we can help with that, too! Come and see us at


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