4 Tips in Cleaning Golf Carts

Caring for your golf carts involves keeping them clean. In this short post we’ll discuss 4 tips in cleaning your golf cart:

shiny clean yellow golf cart
Shiny and clean!


Remove the Clutter

Clean out the interior of your golf cart first. Remove anything that might be damaged by water, such as a GPS or portable heater. If the cart has removable floor mats or seat covers, take them out as well. Vacuum and shake out the mats to remove debris, and clean the seat covers according to the manufacturer’s directions. Stray ball markers, golf tees or other evidence of past rounds should be picked up and put away. Source: eHow


You can wash your golf cart like you wash your car, using mild car wash soap and water. Use a soft cloth or wash mitt, but do not use a brush, as the plastic or nylon fibers could scratch the surface. If your cart is electric, pre-clean the batteries with acid neutralizer, and spray of with an indirect mist; don’t spray the electronics and batteries with a direct spray, and only use enough water to rinse; try to not soak the batteries and electronics.

Cleaning the Interior

Wipe everything. This includes the steering wheel, the seats, the pedals, and the dashboard. Spray the inside window with and acrylic-safe window cleaner. Never use regular glass cleaners like Windex or anything with solvents or ammonias, as this will cause irreparable damage to the soft acrylic and poly windshield. The best way to clean the glass is with a soft cloth or wash mitt and mild car wash soap, so do the windshield while you wash the rest of the cart. If you want to remove water spots and streaks, do so with a soft cloth. Wait for everything to dry. Spraying a little bit of air freshener here and there makes the cart smell fresh and clean. You can add a little extra shine to your golf cart with tire shine on your tires, black plastic trim, and bumpers.  Source:  wikiHow

shiny black tires
Shiny and clean!


Checking Your Battery

Be sure to check your battery cables and make sure the connections are tight. A loose connection or bad battery cable can burn up a battery post in no time.

If you follow these simple pre-season tips you will be sure to have a great trouble free season with your cart.  Source: Predatorridge


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