How to Clean Your Golf Cart Seats

Continuing our theme on cleaning, lets talk about seats. Cleaning most golf cart seats requires using a mild vinyl cleaner and a towel to loosen dirt and stains. Clean golf cart seats after each use will help keep your golf cart looking good as new. Here are some insider tips to remember in cleaning your seats.

Rinse the Mud Off

If you have seat covers, remove them, set them aside, and clean them separately according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are already washing your golf cart, rinse the seats using a light to medium setting on the spray nozzle. Don’t worry too much about the corners; just focus on getting the dirt or dust off the seat.

Clean It Up

You can use a cleaning solution that is formulated for vinyl, or you can save a couple bucks, and use mild dish soap. There are some that cut grease better than others, but the main tip to remember is to be sparing in the amount of soap you use … only a few drop to a bucket is all you need. It does not need to be foamy, just soapy.

Use a clean, soft cloth or wash mitt. Avoid any sort of abrasive cloth or brush; even a nylon wash brush, can damage the vinyl. You should not have to scrub too hard; if the golf cart seats are really dirty, prespraying them might help, letting the cleaner soak in a little. If you use too strong a cleaner, you will damage or weaken the vinyl. You will be better off doing a mild cleaning more than one time, rather than a harsh cleaning one time.

Get into the edges, corners, and seams with a soft bristle brush; a toothbrush works perfect, but make sure it is an old one … not your kid’s! Also, make sure that toothbrush hasn’t been used for solvents or other abrasive cleaners. Use the toothbrush to get into the corners, in the seams, and under the plastic molding that covers the seats.


Make It Shine

Give the golf cart seats a final rinse with water, getting the soapy residue off. You can dry the seat off with a shammy or soft towel. To make the seat shine, use a vinyl protector, but be careful which one, as some can make the seat very slippery, and nothing is funnier than watching someone slide off the a seat … unless it is you!

Remember, if you can’t get your gold cart seat clean, you can always buy a new seat!


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