5 Facts About Yamaha Drive Golf Carts

It’s time for a “new” golf cart, and you are trying to decide between the three major manufacturers. Let’s shed some light on what Yamaha has to offer in their Drive golf carts.

Easy Maintenance

Yamaha Drive Gas model has no oil filter. Yes, you heard right, no oil filter. So changing the oil just got one step quicker and easier. Just drain and refill. The same applies to theĀ crankcase oil in both the gas and electric models, although the gas model still has a fuel filter and a 2-stage ail filter. Remember to do regular maintenance on your golf cart, and get your oils and filters changed at least yearly.

No Brakes!

I’m kidding! But the truth is, the Yamaha Drive (G29) up to 2014/2015 do not have conventional wheel brakes like your car, or like the “other” carts; rather the Drive has an internal “wet brake” system in the transaxle, which is virtually maintenance-free. The brake is still adjustable, so if you find that you have less stopping power, get the brake cable adjusted right away!

Get Framed!

Every golf cart has a frame, whether it is Yamaha, Club Car, or E-Z-Go, but the Yamaha Drive has a steel frame, as opposed to aluminum. Steel tube frames are stronger, allowing less bend and stretch that aluminum. Yamaha also coats the frame to protect it from rust and elements, rather than leaving it exposed. If you notice some rust on your frame, take care to clean it off and re-coat it to protect the frame from further damage.

Built By Yamaha

Yamaha has been building motorcycle engines for a long time, since the YA-1 in 1955, so it stands to reason that they should build a great motor for their golf carts. The Yamaha Drive gas model has a Yamaha-built motor, with the same great quality and workmanship.


Maybe you’ve heard the ongoing arguments, but what really is better, more batteries or less batteries? In the Yamaha Drive 2009/2010 models, you would find 4-12 volt batteries. In 2011, Yamaha switched to 6-8 volt batteries. The argument behind this is that more batteries means more lead, and more lead means a longer run time on the batteries. Instead of 2 rounds of golf on a charge, they can get 3. Instead of a week running back and forth to the boat launch or beach, you can get 2. By the way … what is “golf”?

So there you have it; a little more ammunition in your support of the Yamaha Drive golf cart. Remember that everyone has an opinion, and these are currently our opinions.

Have a great week, and enjoy the weather!


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