4 Tips to Increase the Speed of a Golf Cart

There are simple ways to increase the speed of your Club Golf Cart. Here are few tips to help increase the speed of your golf carts, including: power cleaning, replacing tires, changing out the engine and hiring a professional.

Below are 4 tips to increase the speed of your golf carts:

Power Cleaning

Power clean the cart using a hose and soapy water. Make sure to clean the entire cart and around the wheels and wheel wells. This will make sure that your cart is moving at its most efficient.

Remove any unnecessary racks or items that might be weighing your cart down or slowing down the speed of the cart. Source: eHow

Replacing Tires

bigger wheels and tires make the golf cart go faster
Bigger Wheels and Tires

Replace the current tires with tires that are larger with thicker tread. The larger, thicker tires will give you better traction when you are going fast, which will help you to stay safe. Just keep in mind that really large tires may require a lift kit, and going to fast on a lifted cart can cause tipping! Source: GolfLink


Changing Out the Engine

On a gas golf cart, you can adjust the governor to gain a little more speed, but know that upping a cart’s top speed will cause the engine to wear faster. You’ll likely need to get repairs and replacement parts faster on a cart with an adjusted governor. On an electric golf cart, you can reprogram the computer chip (on some carts), or change out your motor and controller for something with more horsepower. Source: wikiHow

Hiring a Professional

Ultimately, you may choose to leave the modifications to the pros. While this can cost more, you will know that the project is done correctly and safely, and you will save yourself the frustration of replacing one part, only to find that now you need to replace one or more additional parts. Source: DoItYourself


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