4 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Golf Carts

Thinking about purchasing used golf carts? Luckily, we’ll share some important things to consider when buying a used golf carts, including: features, age, price and manufacturer.

Below are 4 things to consider when buying a used golf carts:


Golf carts have many features buyers should consider before making a purchase. Some features are essential for the needs of the buyers, and other features offer convenience, comfort, and luxury.

  • Windshields: Some carts come with windshields affixed. They often can fold down or can be removed completely. Windshields are especially useful in areas that frequently experience poor weather.
  • Radio: Some carts have radios installed that allow riders to listen to music, sports, or talk radio while in use.
  • Seat Material: Buyers can select seat materials that provide more comfort. Leather, for example, looks nice and provides comfortable seating for riders.
  • Rear Seats: Some carts come with rear seats to add extra riders facing backwards at the rear of the cart. This is useful if the cart will be used to carry a large number of people.
  • Extra Seats: Some golf carts are built with an extra row of seats. These carts are longer and allow up to six riders.
  • Horns: Horns are useful for those taking carts on public roads to alert other drivers of the cart’s presence.
  • Mirrors: Carts should have side and rear-view mirrors so drivers have better visibility and can see behind the cart.
  • Headlights: Some areas or establishments mandate headlights on golf courses. Any golf carts operated at night or on roads must have headlights to increase visibility.                 Source: eBay

    yamaha golf cart
    Good Used Golf Cart


Most golf cart battery manufacturers stamp the date of manufacture on the top of one of the battery posts. You can easily see a ’08’ or ’09’ etc, even with the battery cable connected. Be aware that batteries that are more than three years old will require replacement sooner than later. Expect to pay $900 or more for a new set of batteries, no matter what the configuration or voltages are. Never assume that the batteries are of the same vintage as the model year of the cart either. Also, batteries of mixed years in the same cart could be a clue that the cart has seen some serious use in a fleet environment. Source: Electric-cars-are-for-girls


You can purchase a good used golf cart for between $3000 and $5000. If you rent golf carts often, this will pay for itself within a year.
If you have any family or friends who have owned a golf cart before, ask them what they liked and disliked about their golf cart, how much they paid, and where they have it serviced at. Source: Streetdirectory



Obtaining a golf cart that has been manufactured by a well-known company may ultimately be more cost effective as replacement parts will be easier to find and there will be more repair options available in the event of a breakdown. Source: Doityourself



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